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Connected Hearts Create Music was imagined by Aaron Storck at the young age of 7. He dreamed of a world where every child no matter the economical situation or background had access to music. Aaron received his first guitar at the age of 7 and that is when he found out music is more than sound, but a connection, a mode of healing, a way through the tough times, it is joy, it is happiness, and ever since then he has wanted to gift that back to the children. Our mission is to help children connect through the gift of music with Aaron’s philosophies and kindness. Unfortunately Aaron isn’t here in the physical sense but his spirit lives on through music ? Please help us carry on his legacy through Love and music with your generous donations and input.

“Seriously. I fundamentally believe energy between people is the same way notes in music reverberate in harmony. You’re either in the same frequency or you aren’t. But if you are, I’ve learned how important it is to revel and work it to its fullest potential. I feel we could teach and inspire each other. “ 

– Aaron Storck