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Connecting Hearts & Music

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Connecting Hearts & Music

Hearts & Music
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Our Story

Connected Hearts Create Music was imagined by Aaron Storck at the young age of 7. He dreamed of a world where every child no matter the economical situation or background had access to music. Aaron received his first guitar at the age of 7 and that is when he found out music is more than sound, but a connection, a mode of healing, a way through the tough times, it is joy, it is happiness, and ever since then he has wanted to gift that back to the children. Our mission is to help children connect through the gift of music with Aaron’s philosophies and kindness. Unfortunately Aaron isn’t here in the physical sense but his spirit lives on through music ? Please help us carry on his legacy through Love and music with your generous donations and input.

“Seriously. I fundamentally believe energy between people is the same way notes in music reverberate in harmony. You’re either in the same frequency or you aren’t. But if you are, I’ve learned how important it is to revel and work it to its fullest potential. I feel we could teach and inspire each other. “ 

– Aaron Storck

The Founder


Aaron was a multi-talented individual who was given a guitar at the age of 7 which ignited his passion for music. From that moment he always wanted to pay it forward to other children in need. His ambitions towards helping others amplified during the final verse of his life. Aaron was living in Denver, when he began experiencing symptoms a few shorts months after his brothers’ untimely death. 

Symptoms that appeared as a neurological disorder which included double vision, slurred speech, tremors, coordination problems which had progressively made it harder for him being able to speak and even walk. He was no longer capable of making the brilliant music he once made. He was silenced by his disease. He was diagnosed neurodegenerative brain stem disease that was linked to symptoms he had at birth and in early childhood which was triggered and because of the traumatic death of his brother. His illness was so rare the Mayo Clinic who diagnosed and treated Aaron asked him to donate his brain upon his death.  In a final gesture to help others Aaron’s brain was harvested and is at Mayo Clinic where it will aid in brain research. This is when he dreamt up Connected Hearts Create Music with the philosophy of helping children cope and grow in life with music. We are here today to carry on Aaron’s final will and grow this foundation and help children around the world connected through music. Let’s unsilence Aaron through our voices, generosity, and love for the sake of the children.

The Reason

 This is a quote from Aaron on October 2013
It is about Liam who gave his first guitar….

I often mention you when I describe to people how I got started playing guitar. In fact, it’s one of my favorite stories to tell people; because it truly was an incredible thing for you to give me the guitar in the hospital the way you did. It was certainly a floatation device I used then and continue to use now. Though that original guitar is long gone, the gift of playing guitar has always remained. My mother said something today about getting the random urge to see if should find you online and she did, rather quickly find your art website. The idea of this just made me wonder why I haven’t tried to contact you myself. That leads me here. 🙂

It’s been a long time. I’d love to catch up with you, show you some of my music, hear some of yours, and just reinitiate a connection. I don’t regret my history, because it afforded me many gifts in perspective and shaped me into who I am. I’m a freelance software developer, been working startups mostly and been the part-owner of a few. I’ve been working on my music and I have a band called Awake The Lion. I would love to hear from you! Hope you and your family are well!

In Memory of Aaron Storck

by June Tapia

I first met Aaron at a show at Dadas – when he was playing a gig.  I believe that Aaron and I were meant to be great friends and partners.  We instantly started talking about our love for music and art.  He later contacted me about starting a movement, Arts & Rhythm, he had a concept of bringing musicians and artists playing at different venues.  Aaron was so talented, it is a phrase you will hear a lot… but he truly was a great artist/musician/software developer.  I will never forget his voice and his sweet heart.  Truly will be missed.


Connected Hearts Create Music gladly accepts any and all forms of donations.  You can donate your new or used instruments, musical equipment, and even your time to children in need.  We also have Venmo for monetary contributions that will be put towards helping children connect through music.